Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Animation: Quinn's New Video Game

Okay, not directly Pennipotens related.  This animation has had a very good run, and I'm already looking forward to a second magnum opus.  

In the meantime, however, I made a short (2:30) animation with my four-year-old son Quinn. Yes, indeed.  Quinn and I had discussed several times over the summer the video game he would like to design (which is funny, because he's never really played a video game, but he has a pretty good grasp on the concept, seems to me).  So I recorded one of our conversations as he finalized it and animated the "paper test".

Quinn's New Video Game premiered at the UNC Charlotte Art + Art History Faculty Biennial, but it will be screened at elementary schools in Mumbai and Deli as part of "Lessons in the Dark" and in Liblula Animation Festival in Lloret de Mar, Spain.  Not too shabby for a four-year-old, what?

When I told Quinn his animation would be screened at the faculty show, he was rather upset and "didn't want to share".  I can understand that, but we had a good conversation about it, and he was pretty jazzed about seeing his animation with lots of folks around.

Over the summer we'd traveling with my husband through central Europe and Quinn turned out to be a  natural, picking up critical language such as "Darf ich den Hund streicheln?" (May I pet the dog?) and other good life skills as we went along.  He referred to each new city and country as new "planets" and, really, it seemed to accurate an assessment to correct him.

Anyway, when I mentioned to him that it would be screened in the "planets" of India and Spain, he was really stoked.  When I mentioned that India was even farther away that central europe and that, in fact, neither Daddy nor I had ever been there much less shown artwork there, he got pretty jazzed.

This morning he asked me, "Mommy, can we show my video game to kids in all the different planets?"  Wow... No promises, but I'll always do the best I can, kiddo.

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