Monday, January 31, 2011

Poisoning Attempt Foiled

The Opossum (mother) attempts to kill the Dove (pretty daughter) three ways:

1. with a pillow full of sharp objects
2. with poisoned oatmeal
3. by knocking a grocery store on her

So far, Crow (ugly daughter) has foiled the first two attempts and Opossum is still none the wiser. 

Some technical and conceptual problems I need to solve going forward (and back):

When Dove runs away and encounters the Vampires/Water Monsters, what, exactly are they?
When Dove and Crow are surgically changed into Deer, do they sail away on a sailing Nautalus, a winged Nautalus, or something else entirely?

How do I animate Opossum's tail?  So fair I've tried the following:
Puppet Tool
CC Bender
CC Bend It
DuIK Bone Tool
All are unsatisfactory either because I can get an S-curve in the tail, or because it kinks too much.  My hunch is that I need to use the puppet tool with some sort of expression attachd to the pins to connect them together, but I'm just not sure yet.  Still researching.

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