Monday, January 31, 2011

Trials of being a Mother/Artist

So, despite the full course release (thank you Chair Eldred Hudson and Dean Ken Lambla!) I'm not as far along in the rough animation as I'd hoped. Tomorrow is February 1st and I still have to try and kill Dove one more time, get her to escape with Crow's help, try to kill Dove off with Vampire/Water Monsters, have Wolf rescue Dove, have Child Services collect Crow, surgically change Dove and Crow into Deer, and then have the Deer "sail off into the sunset", much to the chagrin of Opossum.  Now that I write that, that seems like a lot. 

I'm going to blame snow and the flu.  First, I lost a week of animation time because Quinn (my 2.75 year old) didn't have preschool due to snow/ice.  Now he's sick with something.  His preschool starts at 9am and he's just getting up now... I'm thinking there's not gonna be preschool today. 

Which means Dove will have another day without an assassination attempt.

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