Tuesday, March 29, 2011

OMG, I said OMG!


At least, with the first draft.

I ended up not killing the deer, but only because I couldn't get the burning skulls to look right.  If I can manage this as a frame by frame, I'll still do it, because it's just too "cute" otherwise at the end.

So my next phase (well, after finishing taxes, hanging Digitally Inclined 2, and working out the details for the Graffiti Research Lab workshops... why do I manage to time all this stuff all at once?) is to export low-res drafts of all the scenes for the voice overs.  I decided I'll do the voice overs in Garageband, export the audio tracks for the character individually, re-import into After Effects and then sequence out all my audio directly in After Effects.

This will be a ROYAL pain in the butt, but I married myself to 1080p (infinite wisdom or folly?) and AE CS3 can manage that.

I think audio mixing for the "music" part of things might be a lot of fun and another creative phase in the project.  There's just so many sources of audio committed to the Creative Commons.  Since I already decided to commit this work to the Creative Commons upon its completion, this could work out really well.  I've alreay found some lovely audio samples of tibetan chants, gamelan riffs and bluegrass strums not to mention the occasional building demolition. Awesome.

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