Saturday, March 5, 2011


Unfortunately, I haven't touched the animation for the last three weeks between shows and getting my materials together for external reviewers.  But unless I get a draft of the reviewer materials, I'm back to it!
Alas, I'm sort of out of synch with myself.

I'm at the scene where the Dove crosses the bridge in the city and falls into the river (wherein she is almost overcome by "vampires" which, right now, just appear to be fish.)

Here's a draft of her falling in the water.  Ugh, I know.  The water is fine (hooray for Red Giant's Psunami), but her motions are pretty awful.  I may come back in and frame-by-frame animate her skirt, I'm still debating that.  Anyway, tomorrow, back to Athens, GA to take down the Athica show, but I'm hoping I'll have some more time at least to get to do some draft animations of the sea monsters (fish).

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