Sunday, March 27, 2011

Very Rough Draft of First 4 Shot

So here's a rough cut of the first four shots after the into sequence.... I exported them at 1080p, but, of course, my software is all so old, the most any can handle is 1080i.  Anyway, I imported it into iMovie ('09, I think) and did a quick, rough voice over.  Not very in sync, but like I said, quick and rough. And quiet, since Quinn is sleeping across the hall.  So I'll flatter myself by suggesting it's a little bit like an early Terry Gilliam animation.

At any rate, tomorrow I'll try exporting small draft copies of some scenes from AE (for a fast render), then import into Garageband for voice over recording (that way I can export the individual tracks better (but I have a feeling I might be mixing all my audio in After Effects, since none of my other software can do 1080p. Ugh. And we're getting a new roof.  Double-ugh.  If Final Cut Express could handle 1080p, I'd go ahead and buy it, but alas, that's still not on option.  So I'll muscle through.

Now to back up and shut down the machine for the night and watch some Monty Python!

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